Monday, May 15, 2006

Thank you! Terima kasih! Sieh sieh! Vanekam! Domo arigato!

Thank you again!It was such an overwhelming response we received last Sunday. Thank you. The success of last Sunday is purely due to your support, participation and encouragement. Without you and your friends’ presence, the event will not be as it is. Again, it was such an overwhelming success. Thank you. To those who missed last Sunday event, we look forward to see you this Sunday.

To those who find our event interesting and exuberating, forward this news to 7 of your friends, to those who don’t like our event, please advise us on how to improve it, so that we can organize a much better event in future.

We are looking forward to see you again this coming weekend;
the finale of Sunday Art 'Lelong' Event (SA'L'E III)
21st May 2006, 11am onwards
Thank you!


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