Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Digital Art Exhibition / USEAGAIN-ASIA

We would like to give our most appreciation to all who had kindly drop by to our Digital Art Exhibition event. We hope all of you benefit a lot, and inspired by the participant's artwork.

Tom & Juan, of Flink! & Bigbrosworkshop, thank you for your effort and contribution. You sure had lighten up and create more awareness in digital art in Malaysia.

For those who haven't attend the opening, you can still come to our gallery. The show still goes on until end of this month. You will get to see cool and refreshing work from USEAGAIN-Asia, Jen Siow, Arachnid, Onn Soon, Aneem of Children of Art, Digital Malaya Project (DMP) and digital audio performed by TheWorks.

Month of May, a very nicely coffee-brewed blog which tell the story of the person behind behind Galleriiizu, Mr. Izuddin. Thousand appreciation goes out to May. Excellent!

Some interesting links relating Galleriiizu previous event, '7, exhibition':

We'll keep you update....