Saturday, January 21, 2006

We had come a long way for this, and it is time to make ourselves be a part of the virtuality where we want to create a mutual connection between those who think far beyond, and those who not.

MIDI Conference

We are proud to announce that Galleriizu is one of the official media sponsor for this March upcoming event,Mines International Design Intellegence with International presenter such as Karim Rashid, Walking Chair, Aric Chen, Paul Davies, Frank Tjepkema, Kustaa Saksi, Jamie Hayon, Dave Alhadeff and few locals players for Explosition such as (if) interactive, Eleven18 along other international artists/designers like Phunk Studio, Niko Stumpo, Devilrobots and many more.

Kindly visit MIDI website for futher details, programs and tickets.



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